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Water tank cleaning is a major service to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. There are dozens of water tank cleaning services in Delhi, but they do not necessarily offer perfect cleanliness and hygiene.

Every year hundreds of people die of water borne diseases. They often result from intake of contaminated water, and impure water. Leakages in tanks can also result in contamination of water. So to prevent any such outbreak of diseases it is important that families, communities, schools, industrial hubs get their water storages and tanks cleaned from time to time.


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Why you need tank cleaning regularly?

Water tank is important as if not done on time, various harmful microbes (bacteria, fungus, virus) can grow, which can cause water-borne water diseases like diarrhoea. If not cleaned timely, water might develop stinking smell. For health and cleanliness, use the services of professional water tank cleaners. If you have not got your water tank got cleaned in past one year and don’t know of any reliable services just visit watertankcleaning.in. They are a group of professional tank cleaners, operating out of Delhi. Their services are also available in Gurugram (Gurgaon), Noida, and Ghaziabad (NCR).

Water tanks at home, office spaces and shipping or commercial complexes, industrial areas, educational institutions can use their services. The team is reachable at +91-8448700895 or [email protected] for availing their services. Services of JP Tank Cleaning can be availed at an attractive 10 per cent discount by calling them.

Timely cleaning is important to remove foul smell, rust, microbes in tanks. If there is presence of any foreign particles, harmful chemicals or any dead animal, cleaning tanks will help in restoring health. The JP tank cleaning services providers for water tank cleaning in Delhi assure quality and 100 percent customer satisfaction. Water tanks would be cleaned by experienced and professionally trained personnel. Customers can visit their web portal to see the range of services provided and also read through customers’ feedbacks and service reviews.

They offer services for both overhead tank and underground water storages (sump). To ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction and assure cleanliness and hygiene – JP Tank team follows five mandatory steps –

- Mechanized Dewatering
- Sludge Removal and Scrubbing – which removes all stains, dirt sticking to the surface or the body of the tanker
- High Pressure Cleaning -
- Anti-bacterial spray
- UV radiation.
- Finally the tank is kept empty for drying

JP Tank cleaning services can be booked and used 24/7, ready to work at any time of the day or night.Though they provide immediate services, it is advisable that you book your slot well in advance so that you can schedule other things as per your convenience. Mechanized cleaning ensures 100 percent bacteria, and also saves water as compared to manual cleaning. They have about 7000+ satisfied customer base in the capital of India.

The team of JP Tank is ISO certified and uses latest machines and tool to clean tanks and sumps. The service providers have a fixed rate card for all services.

What’s in it for you – you can book for their services – either online or through a call. Rest the team will handle everything from A-Z.

JP Tank cleaning services are hassle free, effective, cost effective and without any delays. Usually a team of two is sent to oversee and work on site however if the cleaning requires more personnel, team size is changed according to work. Depending on the size of the tank, you can expect a clean tank in 2 – 6 hours.

JP Tank cleaners not only clean tanks, they also maintain a database and remind you when your tank needs a cleaning next. So look now where but visit the site right awayto avail discount and book your services.

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Rohan Sharma


Awesome experience, i can't believe that someone can clean a water tank in this way it was like brand new .I had a great experience My water tank is super clean Now! They are very patient and clean every corner. Supper experience with cleaning the water Tank.


Rahul Kumar


I got my water tank cleaned by removing all the mud that had come into the tank . the professional cleaners from the water tank repair services company cleaned with tools without getting into the tank . the services restored the new look of the tank .