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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Which type of method do you use for cleaning?

Ans. For cleaning tanks, we use a specially designed suction machine of high pressure which cleans the tanks by removing 25 to 30% water of the tank and in this way it helps in cleaning the tank in a proper way and saves water also.

Q. What size of tank you clean?

Ans. We can clean tanks between the 1000 liters to 1 megalitre with our advanced tools and makes our customer sufficient with our service.

Q. How much of the time do you take for cleaning the tank? Ans. Timing of cleaning depends on many factors such as on the capacity of tank if it is 1000 liters then it will take 30 minutes and if the capacity is 5000 liters then it will take an hours, the second factor is the state of tank means if it is very dirty or not cleaned for long times then it will take more time and also waste more water.

Q. I think my tank is leaking, so can it repair?

Ans. Many varieties of tanks can be repaired, but if it is not possible then we will recommend you to install the liner .

Q. While cleaning does you emptied tank?

Ans. No, this depends on the dirtiness of the tank. If your tank is too dirty, or we have found dead lizard, bird, earthworm, and any other creatures then your tank will get emptied.

Q. Should I recommend cleaning if the supply of water is of high quality?

Ans. According to our knowledge water tank should clean in every 3 years for healthy water supply but if it is your personal tank or it has less contaminated then it will depend upon you that after how many years you want to take service.

Q. Why don’t you empty the tank?

Ans. As we believe in conserving the water and necessary of water in today world. If water is very dirty or found with any dead creature which can harm your health then, in this case, we emptied the tank.

Q. Equipment you use is hygienic?

Ans. Yes, we use advanced tool for cleaning the water and we know that this water is used for drinking and cooking so we assure to use hygienic and sanitize tools for cleaning.

Q. How do slit and so much of mud collect in our tanks?

Ans. This could happen because of many reasons like if your water supply pipes are cracked or junked then it will collect mud and water will bring with it and the supply of water is from underground or boring.

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