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Water to the body is as important as blood. Drinking contaminated water amounts to 60% of diseases caused by human beings. Water stored in tanks is known to play a major role in the illness. Hence, cleaning it on a regular basis becomes of utmost crucial. But with JP Water Tank Cleaning you can absolutely carefree. We offer premium water tank cleaning in Delhi to residences, commercial outlets, and industries.

With an excellent team of professionals, we have gone on to place ourselves in the category of the renowned and leading organization providing cleaning water tanks and underground water chambers.


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Why is water tank cleaning important?

As mentioned, over 60% of illness is waterborne is also the leading cause of illness among children. Besides, children below the age of 5 happen to be more susceptible to getting affected by diseases due to the intake of contaminated water. And one of the most common and usual media of coming in contact with contaminated water is through water storage tanks that are unkempt without carrying out regular cleaning or are cleaned through inappropriate methods by taking the help of a local plumber or a sweeper.

On the other hand, though many houses make use of water purifiers, they are necessary to be cleaned on a regular basis. In short, clean water not only guarantees good health but also prevents illness. Moreover, other than bringing used for drinking, water is also used for carrying out other household chores such as cooking, bathing, washing, etc. If this water is unclean, it still makes one exposed to illness and disease.

We at JP water cleaning company with an experience of over 5 years in the field have always thrived to apply modern scientific methods to carry out the entire process.

We follow an organized methodology of getting the entire water in the tank purified without leaving the traces or room for any contamination.

Steps included in carrying out the procedure:

Step 1: Mechanized Dewatering
Step 2: Scrub & Sludge Removal (By Hand)
Step 3: High Pressure Cleaning with Dewatering Machine
Step 4: Anti-Bacterial Spray {chlorine}

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what our client says


Rohan Sharma


Awesome experience, i can't believe that someone can clean a water tank in this way it was like brand new .I had a great experience My water tank is super clean Now! They are very patient and clean every corner. Supper experience with cleaning the water Tank.


Rahul Kumar


I got my water tank cleaned by removing all the mud that had come into the tank . the professional cleaners from the water tank repair services company cleaned with tools without getting into the tank . the services restored the new look of the tank .

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How often should I go for water tank cleaning services?

It is recommended that you go for water tank cleaning services twice a year because the sediments would build up and spoil the water in the tank. Or whenever, you suspect any foreign particle that could contain germs or any dead animal, you must go for professional water tank cleaning services immediately.

How long does water tank cleaning take?

It depends on how many liters tank it is. For a 1000 liters tank, it takes around 30-45 mins to clean. Also, our team of professional water tank cleaners would inform you of the same if there are any delays.

How often will my water tank require cleaning?

It would depend on the condition and age of the tank. As per the ministry of health, cleaning the water tanks once in six months, will prevent contamination and ensure it is fit to use for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing. Depending on the condition of the tank, the water storage tanks can be cleaned as often as six months to a period of four to five years. Older tanks will require frequent cleaning in comparison to newer ones.

How long will it take to carry out the whole cleaning process?

The time period will depend on whether the water tank is empty or not. If the water is already drained it won't take more time to finish the entire process which will get done within a few hours.

What is the size of the tanks we clean?

We clean all types of water tanks with the capacity of 1,000 liters to 2,00,000 liters.

What are the steps included in cleaning the tank?

The cleaning is a detailed process carried out by professionals. Hence, you need to pick professional water tank cleaners who hold expertise in turning your tanks clean and hygienic. Our service includes 5 steps viz.

 De-watering the tank using mechanized method
 Removing the sludge
 Vacuuming the tank
 Carrying out UV Treatment
 Cleaning using water jet process and surface cleaning
 Anti-bacterial spray

Do you make use of chemicals when cleaning the tanks? Chemicals are dangerous. Hence we ensure to use only organic products to clean the tank meets the safety standard for you and your surroundings.

Where does the dirt remove from the tank go?

The tanks are cleaned using an organic disinfectant. The water is then vacuumed using an industrial water vacuum hover.